Economic Research on Identity, Norms, and Narratives (ERINN)

Cohen Quad, Exeter College, University of Oxford, 14-15 June 2018


Thursday 14 June 

09:30     Welcome and Introductions

09:40     Julie Chitylova: “Evidence for Direct Effect of Poverty on Time Preference: An Experiment with Ultra-poor Farmers in Uganda” 

10:15     Robert Akerlof: “Narratives and the Economics of the Family” (with Paul Collier and Luis Rayo)

10:50     Coffee

11:20     Karla Hoff: “Can you tell a New Story? The Impact of Theater for Development in India on Domestic Violence and Women’s Agency”

11:55     Russell Golman: “It’s So Hot in Here: Information Avoidance, Moral Wiggle Room, and High Air Conditioning Usage” 

12:30     Lunch

14:00     Florian Hett: “Identification as a Choice”

14:35     Sanjeev Goyal: “Integration and Diversity”

15:10     Coffee

15:50     Jeff Butler: “The Causal Effect of Cultural Identity on Cooperation”


16:25     Michal Bauer: “Group Membership Magnifies the Dark Side of Human Social Behavior”

17:00     Close

19:00     Reception and Dinner, Exeter College

Friday 15 June

09:00     Yan Chen: “Reducing Prejudice against Muslim Americans: A Comparison of Identity-based De-biasing Interventions”

09:35     Nava Ashraf: “Altruistic Capital and Social Incentives”

10:10     Coffee

10:45     Tim Besley: “State Capacity and the Social Contract”

11:20     Justin Valasek: “Social Identity and Partisan Voting”

11:55     John Kay: “Radical Uncertainty”

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Jean-Paul Carvalho: “Identity and Inequality: The Representation Hypothesis” (with Bary Pradelski)

14:05     Bryony Reich: “The Diffusion of Innovations in Social Networks: Collectivist versus Individualist Societies.”

14:40     Erin Krupka: “Rhetoric Matters: A Social Norms Explanation for the Anomaly of Framing”  

15:15     Coffee 

15:50     George Akerlof: “Sins of Omission and the Practice of Economics” 

16:25     Maitreesh Ghatak: “Guilt, Esteem, and Motivational Investments”

17:00     Close

17:30     Drinks reception