Economic Research on Identity, Norms, and Narratives (ERINN)

McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University, 22-23 April 2017


Saturday April 22

09:00     Welcome and Introductions

09:15     Yan Chen: “Group Identity as a Behavioral Mechanism in the Field”

09:55     Paul Collier: ”Politics, Culture and Development” or “Language of Compliance”

10:35     Coffee

11:00     Rob Johnson: “At Sea with No Anchor: Narrative, Identity, and Purpose: Know Who You Are”

11:40     George Akerlof: “Beetles”

12:20     Lunch

14:00     Sharun Mukand and Dani Rodrik: “Political Economy of Ideas”

14:40     Karla Hoff: “The Making of Behavioral Development Economics”

15:20     Steven Bosworth: “Status-driven group realignment and welfare”

16:00     Coffee 

16:20     Stefan Dercon: “The Future in Mind: Long-term Impacts of an aspirations and goal-setting intervention”

17:00     Nathan Nunn: “Culture, Social Structure, and Economic Development”

17:40     Discussion of ERINN

19:30     Dinner, The Cosmos Club

Sunday April 23

09:30     Roland Benabou: “Narratives, Imperatives, And Moral Reasoning” (with Armin Falk and Jean Tirole)

10:10     Robert Akerlof: “Group Identity”

10:50     Coffee

11:20     Tim Besley: “The Joint Dynamics of Organizational Culture, Design, and Performance” (with Torsten Persson)

12:00     Moses Shayo: “Social Identity and Political Economy: Consumption, Voting, Judicial Decisions and Brexit”

12:40     Lunch

14:10     Jean Paul Carvalho: “Religious Communities:Assimilation, Extremism and Cultural Reproduction” (with Michael Sacks)

14:50     Anandi Mani: “The deserving rich and the lazy poor? Attitudes to Redistribution”

15:30     Coffee

16:00     Paul Seabright: “Religion and respect for norms”

16:40     Paola Giuliano: “Long Term Orientation and School Performance”

17:20     Close